Who is Coach Kierra?

What's up boss! I'm Kierra and I'm dedicated to helping new small biz owners grow and monetize their Instagrams with organic strategies so they can get to the bag and secure their freedom from this rat race we call LIFE! I was able to start a digital product business in the middle of a pandemic while being a single mom, and working as a full time flight attendant.

I started a new page in April of 2020 started monetizing in June of 2020 and was able to make my first 4-figure DAY just 4 days after launching with only 232 followers. I've made consistent 5-figure months and it all started with a single $17 digital eBook.

I'm committed to helping 100 boss women this year create another avenue of cash so that they can buy back the time they are missing with their families from being stressed and overworked on their jobs, so they can vacation where they want, and provide for their families the way they TRULY desire to.

This life doesn't happen overnight but I didn't find you by accident. Though I still cuss sometimes and I'm not perfect, me and God are tight and I prayed for those who walk in my life even before they do.

Now my question to you is, will you let me coach you to freedom? I know 4-figures doesn't sound like a lot, but once you add it up you have now accumulated some life changing money.

If you're ready so am I, and i can't wait to watch you blossom and manifest everything God promised you!

Love , Coach Kierra