Lazy Content Creation WorkBook W/Bonus Video Trainings For Each Chapter

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Let me show you how 10 SECONDS Of Lazy Content brings in thousands of new followers each month for my business!

The Lazy Content Strategy that can build your audience, create a community, and convert viewers into sales...

Imagine Gaining Hundreds Of Followers Each Month 


  • Dancing - Like who has time to look silly on the internet.
  • Posting EVERY SINGLE day - I have a life and I'm sure you do too.
  • Being a professional graphic designer - I'm not interested in sitting in front of a computer all day playing in canva when I know I don't have a creative knack.
  • Having to show my face - Because who has time to look like a Barbie everyday all day?


I made it simple:

  ✅ with videos no longer than 5 secs long (most of them took me less than 5 mins to create and edit)

  ✅ ​with minor editing skills (most of the time I created my content right in the TT app itself)

  ✅ and I did it all with organic marketing so no spending money on ads (I didn’t have enough time to learn how to set them up)

...and GROWTH from DAY 1 plus PROFIT

I added an additional 3k for the month from people who had NEVER heard of me BEFORE...
But let's address the elephant in the are probably having these questions these when it comes to creating your content 👇🏽
  • PROBLEM #1 - How do I create content when I am short on time?
  • PROBLEM #2 - How do I create content that makes my audience want to buy?
  • PROBLEM #3 - How can I be consistent with social media when I'm an introvert?
Don't worry. I've got you covered:


The Lazy Content Toolkit!!!


The Strategy

Short, to the point, on demand videos that will walk you through the workbook so that I am holding your hand every step of the way to help you create your very own BEST performing content.

The Workbook

step-by-step process in the workbook that will help you plan and create your best performing content, frameworks that will help you create it faster, and checklists that will ensure you don't forget anything important. 

Look at the screenshots below.

I started monetizing on social media in the middle of a pandemic with just 232 followers:

And ZERO ad spend...

By the time month 2 had come around I had earned a 5-figure income from using social media as the powerful marketing tool that it is! 


I got comfortable right on one platform until they shut my page down...which forced me to expand my territory & learn about TikTok and when I went over there...the SAME thing happened.

The first month taking TikTok seriously, I added an ADDITIONAL $4,000 in revenue to what I was already generating with my digital products and membership and grew from 2,700 followers to 40k ONE month. (From July 3rd-August 16th)


Now I'm not promising that YOU will get these same results in the same amount of time...for you it could happen faster...or it could happen way slower.


What I am guaranteeing is that this toolkit will give you the kick start that you need to get on the right track to getting there. 


🗣Stop wasting your precious time trying to paste together every free youtube video and IG reel you can find and get the blueprint here. It's basically an entire mini course...for less than a cup of Starbucks 🥴...

I honestly started to give this away for free because I truly want to show the world how powerful social media can be...but I wanted to separate those who are serious from those who are not serious about their success.

So let's stop wasting time with me telling you how amazing this workbook is and let's get to work so I can SHOW YOU! 


See you inside boss!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who is this workbook for? 
This workbook/toolkit is designed for entrepreneurs new and old who are tired of struggling to create content and are finally ready to learn the low effort way to bring value via their content to the marketplace to grow and secure more sales. 
Will something be shipped to me?
No, nothing will be shipped. This is a digital product that is available for your IMMEDIATE download and access for your personal electronic device of choice. Feel free to print off one copy of the workbook if you would like for personal use.
How is this eBook different from others I've bought?
Welp for starters this isn't your normal "eBook". Think of it as  more of a mini course with a workbook to go with it. This is a WORKING workbook which means you are actually going to be implementing along the way with the added bonus of having me guide you with explanatory videos along with examples for each chapter.
What if I don't like it?
Well today would be your lucky day. Everything ain't for everybody...If you don't find value in your workbook within 7-days after purchase...which btw would be dang near impossible, then just email our team at: and we will send you a refund.