The Social Sales Growth Challenge

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*LAST CALL: This highly hands on challenge will no longer be available to the public after this cohort. It will only be available for members of the Social Sales Society as it takes me a LOT of effort and weekly contact so take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to join the challenge today.*


What's good big BOSS?! Let me ask you a couple of questions:

  • Are you a small business owner/entrepreneur and have been struggling to grow your business on social media? 
  • Are you stressed out by all the work it takes to grow on social especially Instagram when everyone else makes it look so easy?
  • Are you stuck and confused on knowing what to post and you avoid marketing on social because of it?
  • Or maybe you're an introvert and you you just HATE video???

If you said yes to either or all of me I get it 😖... It took me TWO longgggg years to get on TikTok even as a social media manager & coach because I wasn't about to be dancing, while trying to keep up with IG, start a Youtube, keep my hair and makeup "content ready" daily, & I definitely didn't have time to post 17 times a day every single day, go l live everyday boost any posts (I don't even know what this is but people have been asking me if I do this), and I didn't have to do stupid follow trains like all the "gurus" were saying to do.

After taking almost a year hiatus from IG and going over to TikTok and growing to almost 100k followers I came back for my IG babies. They have been asking for a challenge just like this for Insta too. So I put my strategies to work on myself first.

I committed to a 30 day challenge using my tried and true growth strategies and I went from being stuck at 16k for 3 years to going viral about almost every week and now over 44k real engaged and ready to buy followers in 2 months!

 EXPONENTIAL STRATEGIC growth...I went from 16k to over 40,000 in 10 weeks...and it wasn't on ACCIDENT... LIKE MOST PEOPLE WHO get a little traction on the platform.

The best part? I didn't have to post everyday multiple times a day, so I got to spend more time working ON my business instead of IN somebody's app all day.

Nah.. I was able to go viral time and time again, with my lazy content strategy that involves low effort with high conversion rates. (Honestly it's probably how you got here😉...which PROVES my strategies WORK!) Check my receipts below when you're done reading ✅




The even BETTER part is it added an extra $10,000 in revenue to my biz without me hard selling. 


MOST people are just trying to go viral but then fail to monetize the audience that they attract, or ever go viral again. 

I am able to do both ... AT THE SAME DAMN TIME...time and time again. My audience grew from a stagnant 2700 followers to now over 93,000 on TikTok, 16k to over 44,000 on IG...and I just gained the last 15k in just the last month.


So ...I want to invite you to take the challenge with me, and finally get off the struggle bus. Here's what you can expect:

  • Learn the ins and outs of Instagram and low effort content creation altogether so you can spend less time on creating and more time in your business.
  • Learn how to craft the perfect bio to get conversions, even without a link in bio feature
  • Learn how to spot trends and trending sounds so you can use them to your advantage to make your business go viral
  • Learn the only 3 types of content you MUST post in order to convert your audience. 
  • Get up to date trends in real time for 30 days.
  • Live group coaching and accountability 
  • Best times to post
  • How to read your analytics
  • Access to private community to share trends, wins, and questions with
  • 4 on demand classes time released each week
  • Actionable homework steps
  • Simple video editing tricks and hacks
  • And a whole lot more!

You've watched every TikTok coach, every IG coach, and youtube video you can piece together and still not seeing results so it's time to challenge yourself. 

The next cohort starts  Oct 2, 2023 and it's the PERFECT way to start your new year off! Enrollment will be capped at 50 people or October 1, whichever comes first so if I were you...I wouldn't wait! This product will show sold out once capacity is reached.  

After purchase you will receive an email with a link inside with next instructions. Make sure to check your spam and promotional folders and if you have any questions don't hesitate to email: or text (678)961-4949 and allow 24-48 business hours for reply. 

If you are enrolled in the Social Sales Society you do NOT need to purchase this as it comes with your membership! 




1. Will this challenge make me go viral? Possibly is the short answer. The long answer is does it matter if you go viral or if you increase your sales? You will be learning how to make daily consistent sales on social regardless of if you go viral and if your business is ready to go viral then, yes you can use the strategies I teach to go viral...but of course I can't GUARANTEE results because I can't guarantee the effort you are willing to put into your business.

2. Is this challenge for me? This challenge is for any aspiring, new, or seasoned black female business owners (cuz we just go through different shit when building on these platforms) who want to learn and understand how to properly use social as a marketing tool to increase revenue without having to pay for ads. (If you aren't a woman or black please still feel free to join as long as you don't mind being referred to as queen, sis, cutie, etc. 🤣)

3. I've tried challenges and other Instagram coaches and courses before, how is yours different? Baby I'M different! Lol...which I'm sure you have caught from reading this sales page. I don't fluff or sugar coat. I'm not sure what the others have in their classes, courses, or challenges so I can't compare the two. What I can say is, if you are unsure...please don't join. I need SERIOUS people who believe in themselves first and in my work to over deliver. You can go on my IG (@kierrasade) , TikTok (@thelazycontentcoach), or Youtube (Kierra Sade) and find out more about me if you'd like before purchase. 

4. How much time will I have to spend on this course/challenge? A video will be released every Sunday. Monday evening is our 1 hour group coaching call. Your daily homework assignments (5 days a week)  will take no more than 10-30 mins max and that's for beginners who are completely not savvy with content creation. 

5. When will I get my materials? You will receive a link immediately after purchase with instructions and a folder for all material in which material and all zoom links will be uploaded 3 days before the cohort starts. Access into the private FB group will be granted the day before the cohort starts to keep the engagement up! I'm so excited to meet you! 

6. Will I have to spend any money on ads? Nope, not until you want to. I've generated multiple 6- figures without any ad spend just straight up organic content creation .

7. What's the refund policy what if I can't make it after I purchase? I sure hope you can do everything in your power to show up for you and your business. If not remember you still have access to the material and the group for 30 days.