DWA Digital Wealth Academy (Sezzle Payment Plan)

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A comprehensive business, marketing, and automation course with over 80 in-depth, easy to follow modules with a complete BEGINNER in mind!

  • Lifetime access to ongoing course updates & community support with absolutely NO monthly fee or chargers!

  • An in-demand digital product-the course itself! Done for you and ready to be sold for 100% profit!

  • Bonus! Get (my ultimate reels guide, presets, & social media digital planner PLUS 5 other already DFY digital products that are ready to be sold as soon as you click "JOIN NOW" below)

    3 additional MRR products inside the course that you can sell for 100% profit.

👀you'll get:

✓Digital Wealth Academy MRR Course ($997)

✓Digital Wealth Guide PLR Product (&197)

✓Ultimate Reels Guide MRR Product ($97)

✓Social Media Planner PLR Product ($47)

✓FWG Faceless Wealth Guide MRR Product (includes bonus MRR product) | AVAILABLE IN SPANISH! (SPANISH COPY INCLUDED WITH PURCHASE)

✓The Complete Canva Guide PLR (SPANISH COPY INCLUDED) ($97)

✓Success With Stan Store Guide MRR Product ($97)

✓ The Roadmap Companion (No MRR No PLR only for personal use) ($297) (Limited Time Only)


As a bonus, I’m going to provide you with my Freebie Template so that you can even have your freebie ready to collect emails 😍🙌🏼✨


MRR: You can resell as is!

PLR: You can change and add your company’s branding!


Faceless Wealth Guide is a Guide to help the girlies who want to make money through Digital Marketing without showing their face!

My Success With Stan Store guide will teach you exactly how to launch your course on Stan Store and how to also maximize your sales by using some of the features you NEED to know about for your new online business!


If you've been looking for a side hustle to bring in additional income in 2024, you need this!

You can literally setup a Stan Store like this one and re sell all 7 Products individually. That's a done for you business! What!?

When I first started, my goal was to make at least $1000 extra a month reselling this exact course and I was able to make over that in 11 days of launching 😳 (I'm not promising you that results will be the same hopefully they are better, they could be not better, but with time and patience and IMPLEMENTATION the sky is the limit with this bundle!)

I made this in a day with my Stan Store ↴


This course will teach you the EXACT way I started making money with Digital Marketing even WITH NO EXPERIENCE!

It will teach you how to create your own digital courses, e-book and products. + also walk you through with step-by-step videos, how to set up your systems like funnels & email AUTOMATION!

So don't be like me standing on the sidelines and when you finally jump in only wishing you would've started sooner. 😕

Join the academy NOW!

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So you see these are ordinary women just like you and I. Imagine what an extra 2 sales in one month could do for you?

That's $1k extra a month just from producing 2 sales! What are you waiting for? Stop delaying your dreams life and take a chance on YOU!



“Do you have to have a large following to make a sale?”

The answer is no. I made a sale the other day from someone I never even had in my DMs!

You’re going to reach people by posting, I have 39 followers on my new account right now and my reels reach THOUSANDS every time I post. This is what is taught inside of the course. You’ll get a step by step guide to even start a Faceless Account if you wanted too just like mine!

“Is this a scam”

I received this question and it’s unfortunate that we are so conditioned to not making so much money in one day. That’s ok! I WAS too but not anymore!

Whenever you want to learn a new skill, you go to school or take a course to learn it.

This is that course (except leave the boring professor and cold jail like lecture hall for someone else)that teaches you how to sell online. How to create Digital Products. How to market your products, how to do email marketing and so much more!

Due to the nature of digital products, refunds will not be given. Results are not guaranteed.